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Photography workshop

in Paris

 November 8-11 2014

"bilingual English" 


Master your digital camera! 

SLR Photography Workshops in Paris, November 8-11


Alain Nunez, who leads photography courses in the French regions of Landes and Pyrenees, is now organizing photo workshops in Paris. These four-day intensive courses focus on mastering all the camera settings and functions, and include the trade secrets of professional photographers.


Digital cameras are a bundle of high technology for producing beautiful images in any situation. Because of all the automatic features on modern cameras, 80% of snapshots don't need adjustments. However, creating artistic photographs requires going beyond auto mode, which can only happen knowing how to use the settings and functions now found in digital cameras.


The teaching method in this workshop is exceptional in that it combines a technical course taught every morning, followed by excursions for practice in the afternoons, in the most panoramic places in Paris.


Each morning, the principles of digital camera technology are delivered in an interactive setting using a projector to clearly explain the hows and whys of the settings which are found in your digital camera. Each afternoon, the principles are put into dedicated practice for creating wonderful photos.



Main topics and goals of the workshop:

– Learn how digital cameras function

– Master the settings and using professional techniques

– Understanding the rules of framing and composition in relation to the light

– Become skilled in landscape and urban photography, exterior portraits, panorama and HDR photography

– Initiation to using photo software: 

– Lightroom for development and retouching,

– Photomatix for HDR

– Autopanopro for panoramas. 


In this workshop, participants use in real time the general expertise taught to master all the settings in their camera. No more need to read and re-read the operating manual to achieve high levels of successful photography. Every setting becomes simple — guaranteed!


Some photos can be taken again, but others can't: a child's sporting event, an exceptional concert, street scenes, sublime landscapes, family portraits or moments from vacations to take home to remember…


The strong point of this workshop is that each day alternates between learning the theory in the morning with real practice in the afternoon. Why? When you're learning, studying technique in and of itself does not really sink in without practicing what you've learned. In the mornings, during the technical study, participants will learn and work all the buttons on their camera. In the afternoons, photo expeditions are practical exercises to assimilate the skills.


The photo excursions are held every afternoon plus one evening, in the neighborhoods of Montparnasse and panoramic sites such as the  quays of the Seine, Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, Saint-Germain-en-Laye…



Tuition for the workshop:

300 euros: 75€/day. Lunch will be taken in neighborhood

restaurants (not included in the price of tuition).

The workshop is held in both French and English.

Workshop dates: 8 -11 November 2014

Venue:  Central Paris location, Metro Montparnasse,

address provided with enrollment

Tuition:  300 euros for the four days 


Two friends or couple together: 10% discount

Three or more friends together: 15% discount

Your instructor:  Alain Nunez 


Industrial Multimedia Experience

Information and enrollment:  

Contact Alain at 06 – 1767 – 5399

From outside of France, dial +33 – 6 – 1767 - 5399


Practice photos by

workshop participants 

of the lines and curves of

Montparnasse Tower,

Saint Jacques Tower

and the Eiffel Tower.

Photos of Paris scenes by workshop participants

Stage Photo Pyrénées,
Landes, Pays Basque

 Stage Photo Pays Basque

Stage Photo Landes

  Alain Nunez

Stage photo Réglages
Stage photo Landes
Stage photo Pays Basque
Stage photo Pays Basque
Stage photo Pyrénées

Stage Photo Réglages Complets des Appareils Photos, Cours Particuliers, Stage photo Béarn, Stage Photo Pays Basque, Stage photo Landes 

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